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“Miraldina Trigueirão Lawyers, office of advocacy aimed at providing services in the areas of Golden Visa, Nationality and Immigration.”

About Miraldina Trigueirão Lawyers

Miraldina Trigueirão Lawyers is a law firm dedicated to providing quality legal services in the areas of Golden Visa, Real Estate Purchase and Sale, Residence Permit, VisasPortuguese Nationality, Divorce and Marriage Transcription, Foreign Sentence Review/Confirmation, providing support to its national and international clients looking for solutions to the needs of each specific client.

The office offers rigor and commitment in its professional services, as it has acquired and gathered experience over time in these areas of intervention and is focused on studying and finding legal solutions to the problems posed by its clients, treating their processes in a professional manner and representing them in various administrative and judicial proceedings without them having to travel to Portugal.


The Face of the Firm:

Miraldina Trigueirão

Holder of a Law Degree from Universidade Moderna in 2002

Has taken several training courses on various areas of Law

Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Council since 2005

Practising lawyer since 2003

Professional identity card no. 2060-E



Av. 5 de Outubro, 85, 1° Andar 1050-050 Lisboa

Vendas Novas:
Bairro Zeca Afonso, 3 r/c Dto - 7080-173  Vendas Novas 



Phone: +351 265 893 639

Mobile Phone: +351 962 413 872

Email: info@mrtlawyers.com

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