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(Law no. 2098 of 29 July 1959 and Decree-Law no. 308/-A/75, of 24 June)

Indian Territories


African Territories


Macau Territory


East Timor Territory


From Indian Territories:

Citizens born in the former Portuguese State of India (GOA, DAMAN, DIU, DADRA and NAGAR HAVELI) are Portuguese citizens, including their descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.) and may apply for Portuguese nationality if they meet any of the following requirements:

They were born in the territories said above during the period of Portuguese sovereignty, that is, until 1961;
If their parents were born in the said territories during the period of Portuguese sovereignty, even if the person concerned was born in another country.
If you are married to a Portuguese citizen or if you meet the requirements mentioned herein above.


From African Territories:


The citizens of the former Portuguese territories in Africa (CABO VERDE, ANGOLA, GUINEA-BISSAU, MOCAMBIQUE and SÃO TOMÉ AND PRÍNCIPE) born in these territories before independence can be attributed Portuguese nationality if they are descendants up to the third degree (father / grandfather / great-grandfather), of an individual born in Mainland Portugal or adjacent islands (Azores and Madeira) or had been domiciled in mainland Portugal or those Islands for more than five years on 25 April 1974 (DL 308-A / 75 of 24June). 

Citizens born in these territories AFTER independence can also apply for portuguese nationality if they have a grandfather/grandmother born and deceased in those territories BEFORE independence (article 1 nr. 1 d) of the Nationality Law). 


From the Macau Territory:

Citizens born in the territory of Macau during the Portuguese administration (until 1981) are entitled to Portuguese citizenship (unless they are the children of foreigners who were in the territory at the service of the State).

From the East Timor Territory:

Individuals born in Timor until its independence date are entitled to Portuguese nationality. After the independence, the children of a father or mother with Portuguese nationality, born in Timor-Leste, still have the right to Portuguese nationality.



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